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donderdag, maart 02, 2006

Nick Ut celebrates 40th year with AP

Nick Ut has taken literally thousands of photos in his 40 years with The Associated Press, but one still defines him: The 1972 image of a little girl, naked and screaming in agony, as she flees a napalm bomb attack during the Vietnam War.

Ut, 55, had cause to reminisce about that and other photos when approximately 200 people, including several TV news crews, arrived at The Associated Press' Los Angeles bureau Wednesday after word leaked out that a small party was being held to mark the photographer's 40th anniversary with the news service.

"There are still so many pictures to take, I plan to work another 40 years," said Ut, who won the Pulitzer Prize, journalism's highest honor, for that 1972 photo. It and many others were on display at the AP bureau.

Ut joined the wire service to help support his family after his brother, also an AP photographer, was killed in 1965 while covering the Vietnam War.

Lees meer in The Mercury News.

This is the original camera used by Nick Ut in Vietnam for his famous picture of Kim Phuc. Its on display in the Science Museum in London.

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